Information Systems

Kenomont Information Systems has developed real time inventory tracking, analytics and reporting system for the Bulk Commodities industry called Commodity Management System (CMS).

The system was developed for Woodchip and is applicable to any bulk product handled on road, rail or barge that requires real time tracking and quality control recording.

Customised software solutions can also be designed for your business processes, with expertise in Web, Mobile and desktop solutions Kenomont can help you improve productivity and reduce costs.

Commodity Management System (CMS) is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning software solution for your business processes.  More information can be found here on the system Commodity Management System

Enterprise Resource Planning for Commodities

Management system to collect data from multiple sources so you can run you business more effectively.

Advanced Analytics

Analyse collected data to identify trends and optimise your business.

Consulting and Customised Applications

Software development of custom applications and consulting services.

Interactive Dashboards

Visualise your data with interactive charts and graphs


Overlay and drawing tools allow you to interact with your resource and assest data in real-time