Commodity Management System (CMS)

CMS functions as a hub bringing in numerous data sources to provide you with insights into your business. Bulk Commodities Operations ranging from commodities as diverse as Grains, Wood Fibre and Minerals Mining would benefit from using CMS.

Track the life-cycle of your commodity from Harvesting/Extraction through to Export by utilising electronic data collection points such as Weighbridges, Programmable Logic Control (PLC), Internet of Things (IOT) devices and other data sources.
To learn more about CMS visit the dedicated website:

Comprehensive Data Collection and Analytics

Import data from Weighbridges in near Real-Time

Import data from PLC systems in near Real-Time

Connect to IoT and GPS devices

Utilise your existing GIS data


Interactive charts allow you to drill down and reveal insights into your business


View customised reports that draw on data sources collected by CMS


Use Scheduling tools to capture estimates vs actuals for production, resource and sales


Custom dashboards can be created to display data relevant to your business

To learn more about CMS visit the dedicated website: